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A human being, digital marketing person, writer, hardcore feminist, and sci-fi fan based on earth.

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Why is Apple Designed for Liberals?

Have you ever thought about why Apple fans love Apple so much? I’ll explain in a minute. First, let’s watch the iconic Think Different Apple commercial narrated by Steve Jobs.

Apple, Think Different Commercial

The slogan was a response to IBM’s slogan “Think.” In 2002, they decided to change the…

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“Everything in New York is like the Ring Cycle of Wagner; everything in New York is an operatic thing. You realize that it’s just so hard to live in New York that when people say, why do you live in New York, you really can’t answer them. Except you know that you have contempt for people who don’t have the guts to do it.”

Fran Lebowitz, Pretend It’s a City, New York

Undoubtedly, global cities have their own cultures and unique social structures. Perhaps, this is why rural Americans and New Yorker Americans…

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If we look at history, whenever a new technology is introduced to people, that technology changed the political order, sociological structure and liberated people at least from work. For example, the first possible patent connected to mechanical sewing was a 1755 British patent issued to German Charles Weisenthal. However, until the 1790s, the sewing machine wasn’t accepted by authorities in England because they thought it might disrupt the current textile economy. In the end, technology replaced human labor and created new areas of production for people. …

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Thanks to the discovery of electricity, women’s place in the workforce changed rapidly from the beginning of the 1880s. Today women and men almost do the same jobs that require less physical labor. A lot has changed since the 1880s, and we ended the second industrial revolution and entered a new age with new communication technologies.

By this time, women rightfully won their rights in the workforce. However, still, a lot has to change. …

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Hip-Hop Culture, Globalization, and Black Lives Matter Protests

No one can argue that Wynton Marsalis is one of the music geniuses in the 21st century. He is an essential model for lots of musicians worldwide as an extraordinarily talented musician. Marsalis was the first jazz musician to win the Pulitzer Prize for music in 1997 with Blood on the Fields, a vocal and orchestral rumination on slavery. His comments on any music and the notes should be respected. However, one might argue that his critics of hip-hop music and black culture are very short-sided, incomplete, and unfortunately wrong. First of all…

Lisa Simpson, Greta Thunberg

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How did the Simpsons predict the future?

The Simpsons can be considered one of the most famous and greatest TV shows created in the world. While the show gives more details about American culture, society, and television, the most exciting part about the show is that it has successfully predicted some of the worldwide effects.

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H1B Visa Suspension Vs. Globalization of Work

Recently, the Trump administration announced the suspension of H1B visas. By this means, Trump suspended permits for hundreds of thousands of foreigners, white-collar ex-pats, to work in the U.S.

To those who don’t know about an H1B visa, it is the visa type that enables professionals from IT / computer professionals, university professors, teachers, scientists, dentists, engineers, surgeons, architects, lawyers, etc. It’s every occupation that is beneficial to any society.

One of the main reasons that Trump gets support from the silent majority is protecting the middle class's American workforce. Since the American…

Ronald Reagan, Star Wars

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Fear was the most intense emotion in the 1980s, and the Americans were afraid to lose their ideological dominance in the world. To understand the 1980s and the U.S.’s Cold War victory, we must realize the Reagan era and how he followed the force through the 1980s. To understand Reagan’s victory in the 1980’s election, one must first understand the end of the 1970s in the U.S. …

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